P A S T   A R T I S T S

J e s s i e   J

Aged 15, we auditioned Jessie at the Brit School as part of a nationwide anti-gun and knife crime campaign. Initially, Jessie was unsuccessful at this audition primarily because this particular campaign required someone who had an urban vocal sound. After a brief discussion we called her back 2 weeks later as we felt her potential was such that we could develop her further. We put Jessie with some young urban producers and this synergy worked in a productive manner. She gradually began to develop an inbuilt swagger. Jessie featured in the campaign singing alongside legends should as Jocelyn Brown, Juliet Roberts, Hil St Soul. Thereafter, we took Jessie to the USA where she auditioned for: Clive Davis, La Reid subsequently signing to Universal Records..​


M a r s h a   A m b r o s i u s

Marsha came to our attention as a young artist in 1997. At this time we ran and owned a nightclub that incorporated a community cohesion ethos with a commitment to support up and coming artists. Working alongside her management we both rehearsed Marsha, paid for her first video and allowed her to use our recording facilities. When it became obvious that Marsha would not be signed by any of the British labels, we encouraged her to take the momentous trip to seek her fortune in America. This was a pity for the UK because we knew she was destined to be super star. She is now a multi-Grammy nominated musician who knows a little something about writing great songs. Whether it’s as one half of Floetry, on her chart-topping solo debut Late Nights & Early Mornings or her career as an acclaimed songwriter /producer, her observations on love and life paired with her soulful and honest vocals flip the personal into a universal truth.​


A v a   L e i g h

We signed Ava aged 14 years and developed her until she was 16. Thereafter, she left to work with another manager and and when things didn’t work out, 3 years later aged 19, we signed once again signed her to a management contract. Because she had been presented to all the major record labels, we were forced to devise a new character to reinvent her as an artist. Drawing upon her early influence and love of reggae music, we arranged a musical collaboration in Jamaica with the legendary Sly and Robbie. Thereafter, we signed Ava Leigh to Virgin Records and sadly 6 months later her A&R boss was sacked and Ava was shelved.​