P R E S E N T   A R T I S T S

E t h e r M i a

Every once in a while we chose an artist or group who we are developing to feature in one of our social campaigns. The last artist was Jessie J who featured in the “Don’t Trigger” campaign which was funded by the Home Office and Number 10. Our latest campaign, “Don’t Touch It. It’s Mine” addresses the issue of child abuse at Shirley Oaks and other south London children’s homes. After speaking to all our artists, Ether Mia were chosen not only because they empathised with the victims (i.e. they burst into tears when we played them the song), their unique vocal talents combined with their classical and contemporary dance training enabled us to push the boundaries of pop music whilst still retaining the theme of a campaign song. The girls own music is equally expressive and fuses all art forms in such a way that makes them progressive. Ether Mia consist of Lucy, who attended the Royal Ballet School; Sophie who attended Bird College to study dance which included Cunningham and Graham Technique; and Millie who gained a place at Laine Theatre Arts.​


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